Important de choisir le bon processeur !

Important to choose the right processor!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the very first Econext Informatique blog. In our blog series, we'll explain why it's important to choose the right specs when buying a computer.

Most computers sold at the big box have sales-appealing but unbalanced specs that aren't viable in the long run. Thus, you are satisfied during the 30 days following the purchase and suddenly your computer is getting old. The internal components of the computers sold in these stores are not made to last but only to sell, a product that seems attractive to the average user who is not computer literate.

In our blog series, we are going to cover different points around the power you should strongly consider a refurbished commercial computer, like the ones we have, in your process of buying a new computer.

The first subject brought will be the computer processor. The thing people know the least about Yet one of the most important parts of the computer. Some call it the central unit, it is not nothing. A good processor can ensure that your computer won't be out of date even after 10 years of use. On the other hand, a bad processor will make you want to change your computer every 2 years.

Let's go with a first comparison. The images I show you in this blog are statistics based on tens of thousands of tests. Our first comparison is based on the A4 processor contained in a Pavilion G4, a computer sold in 2013, i.e. 5 years ago, versus the processors that we have in the computers that we sell at home, the i5 in this case which alone worth $265 as the picture shows.

Comparison A4 vs i5

WOW?! We were thinking the same thing... The processors in the refurbished computers we currently sell in stores are 164% more powerful than those in the computers you bought in 2013 at the big box stores!

For what? It's simple. The computers we have are commercial-grade computers that have only quality parts, including the processor. Even though they're the same age as your 5-year-old computer, our refurbished computers were built from the manufacturer to be durable and perform for longer. Don't jump in the curtain thinking, OH, no more new computers, I only buy used ones now... We're not talking about the same thing here... If you're considering buying a computer used rather than new in your buying process, you need a refurbished commercial range computer and not a normal used computer, otherwise you will put your feet in more trouble than they already are.

Let's go with a 2nd comparison. The computers that we currently sell in stores around $399.99 versus a new computer sold in a supermarket for $699.99.

Again, on the left you will notice our i5 processor sold in most refurbished computers with us.

This processor is 17% more powerful than its competitor released in 2016 sold in new computers in supermarkets.. You will tell me.. it's fake. This blog is a scam... Well no, the refurbished computers we sell were originally sold for more than $1500.

Why pay for a new computer with a 1-year warranty for $699.99 if you can get a more efficient, durable, refurbished one with a 1-year warranty for $399.99

You should also know that we do a lot of repairs in store. Accidents, or mostly computers from supermarkets and people are often not aware that the problem is that there is no problem. Their computer is 2 years old, it has problems and for them, it's more RAM than they need.. no, the processor of their computer is already aging and can no longer give what the customer needs..

Think about it the next time you enter a supermarket. Be very vigilant, the random access memory (RAM) and the hard disk (HDD) will not do the job alone if their sergeant is already retired before even leaving. arrival on the battle line.

In the next blog we will talk about RAM, do you really need that much?

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