• Maintenance and repair

    Econext provides maintenance and repair services for desktop and laptop computers to maintain or restore proper operation. In the event of physical damage, econext can also rebuild your computer.

    Hourly rate: $65/h

  • Optimization and Decontamination

    Econext offers optimization and decontamination services for your computers. In other words, we offer you to improve the performance of your equipment and eliminate malicious or unwanted software present on your device.

    Virus removal: $75

  • Setup and setup

    Econext offers full operating system reinstallation when you want to start fresh with your computer. Reinstallation allows you to "refresh" your operating system.

    Formatting: $95
    Installation of software/drivers: $65/h

  • Cleaning

    Econext offers a physical cleaning service. Cleaning computer components removes dirt to improve their durability and operation. Dust prevents proper ventilation, causing the computer to reduce performance to prevent overheating.

    Dust removal without dismantling: $15
    Dust removal with dismantling: $25

    Full cleaning: $45

  • Backups and data transfer

    In view of resetting your operating system, we recommend backing up your data in order to transfer it back to your computer later. It is also possible to transfer data from your old computer to the new one.

    Data transfer: $45
    Copy from HDD to SSD: $45

  • Damage Assessment / Diagnosis

    We offer an evaluation of your computer equipment to determine the cost of necessary repairs on your device.

    During the diagnosis, a light cleaning will be done to allow us to make an adequate assessment.

    Cost: $25, credited if you have the computer repaired following the diagnosis.

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